(A Goode Knight Story)


AlphaBetaSoup starts off with a fun story about the Goode Knight's search for a nice lunch. As you watch the story unfold, try and tap the different surprises scattered through-out each scene!
After the story, you have a choice of two game types, "Match 2+" and "Word World". Each game type has two difficulty levels.
For the "Match 2+", we have the "Classic" mode, where you simply have to clear the screen of tiles, by matching two or more tiles of the same colour.
You can also brave the more challenging "Expert" mode, which introduces non-selectable Sun/Moon tiles - you will find that the higher the level, the more of these increasingly annoying tiles appear, making it very difficult to clear the screen.
In both modes, the higher the level, the more colours you have to contend with. To make your first steps in the game a bit simpler, in the lower levels a small number of tiles are allowed to be left on the screen - try and get "Perfect" each time for an extra bonus score! Also, certain bonus tiles appear from time to time - try and use those to your advantage!
In "Word World" games, we have "AnyWord" and "MyWord".
"AnyWord" simply requires you find a set number of words of your own choosing to be allowed to go to the next level. The words can be any length of three or more letters. Pay attention to your vowels - if you run out, the game ends!
"MyWord" on the other hand asks you to discover a number of given words each level. The higher the level, the more words have to be found.
Throughout the story and the games, your ears will be enjoying the up-beat music of Robert Shaw.

Click here to watch the story!


  • AlphaBetaSoup runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - buy once, play on any of your portable Apple iOS devices! Thoroughly tested on the iPod Touch generation 3 and 4 (retina), iPad 1, iPad 2, the New iPad, and on the iPhone 4 and 4S.
  • Spoken story and spoken help for each of the four game modes!
  • The story, game play and graphics are adjusted for the iPad, taking advantage of the larger screen.
  • In the "Classic" and "Expert" match 2+ modes, you can remove the selected star tiles with 3 methods:
    1. Tap on either the right or left star buttons that appear when a valid group of 2 or more tiles are selected.
    2. Tap again on any of the selected star tiles in the group
    3. Or tap on a selected tile, hold, and swipe the selected star group away in any direction (personally my favourite method).

  • In the "AnyWord" mode, the possible words are compared with the current actve dictionary. If you have German or French or any other language using the latin script (that is, the ABC) selected as your device language, then any word in that language will be valid.